I get it! It is such a struggle choosing a coach to work along-side with for your figure and bikini contest prep. Together, we will pick a perfect show for you, get the right suit and see which division fits your personality and goals best. We will work on posing and tweak your nutrition, lifting and cardiovascular plan as needed throughout. My prep philosophy- A competition should highlight a healthy lifestyle and be the showcase of such. We will do what we need to keep your metabolism healthy, without going to extremes, to get your desired physique. We will maintain an understanding that this is still a lifestyle, not a diet, and work towards the goal of integrating healthy habits that will last after the competition. If this sounds good to you, we are probably a good fit! Complete the form above and we will be in touch! 

Contest Prep includes:


  • One-on-one consultation

  • clean eating meal plan & macronutrient recommendations

  • cardio supplement

  • peak week advice

  • pump-up instruction

  • daily email log and weekly photo review

  • advice on suit selection, tan, hair and make-up


12 Week Plan   $600