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Pre & Post Natal Fitness Strength Series

KLS Fitness, Columbus Ohio  Fit for Birth Strength Class

I'm so excited for this class! If you have never heard of "Fit for Birth", it is a unique approach to fitness specifically intended to prepare women to carry a child (ren) through their pregnancy and have a smooth labor and delivery with the least amount of medical assistance possible (if so desired by mother, of course). I say it like that because I'm talking about, yes, THE SHOT. It was my personal desire to not have an epidural (like my mom and my sister) and it wasn't for the fake trophy but really just because I could. I was strong. I am strong. Without the medicine my chances were greater to NOT have a c-section. I'll piggy-back this post with a statistic laden one in a few days, but for now let's just keep it simple.

While there were days in my pregnancy my son beat me up, most days he allowed me to go about my normal fitness routine and kick some butt! Here I am with one of my clients after teaching a killer bootcamp at the Athletic Club.

KLS Fitness, Prenatal Fitness, Fit for Birth Training

This was me 2 weeks before my due date! Warm Yoga for me while daddy went to the races with his moto...

*While it is not recommended A) to attend hot yoga or B) to work on flexibility training while pregnant, my doctor approved me doing what my body was accustomed to pre pregnancy. That included warm yoga!

KLS Fitness, Prenatal Strength Training, Fitness, Fit for birth

And then there's this...This is me - letting my belly 'pop'. My sister said it was the weirdest thing, but there is a 'big belly syndrome' in pregnancy where some women lose the ability to control their abdominal wall. While I did not have that, I could let my bel pop out, like I did here. I made my whole family believe with this photo - it was THE DAY. BUT, it was NOT.

KLS Fitness, Fit for Birth, Prenatal Strength Training

In fact, this was 2 days AFTER my due date...I knew her that I was going to be induced (wasn't my choice...another story/another day) and figured I may as well get in one last plank...

KLS Fitness, Fit For Birth, Prenatal Training

AND THEN, it was time! All hooked up and ready to go. Again, another day, another time, but I was induced because baby Geo was running low on fluid. I was able to power through, with pitocin, to maintain a natural birth. I delivered in 8 hours and I don't care if I didn't get a trophy, it felt pretty freakin' awesome to do it without any drugs. I 100% think it's awesome if that is anyone's desire, to use an epidural, again, I just didn't want to.

KLS Fitness | Fit for Birth Prenatal Fitness
Kendra Stiffler | Fit for Birth | Prenatal Fitness

I DID IT! Here is my lil bean man! George Douglas Oscar Pugh, III.

KLS Fitness | Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness

And thanks to the Fit for Birth method, here we are 10 days post baby taking a nice walk through the neighborhood!

KLS Fitness | Postnatal fitness | Kendra Stiffler

So, here are the details on my class! If you are not sure it's for you, shoot me an email or leave me a comment! <3

OH- and one last thing; I'll admit to being a huge suck-up in school and even post graduate...so, here's my Student of the Month spotlight... : D I'm kidding, sort of. I genuinely LOVE what I do and loved this course. Hence, why I'm bringing it to Columbus!


Join pre and post natal fitness specialist, Kendra Pugh, for this 10 week fitness series specifically designed to build the strength and flexibility needed to have the most successful pregnancy and delivery possible.

This 10 week session consists of breathing techniques, Pilates, yoga and resistance training all designed to reduce the physical discomforts of pregnancy, improve fitness levels, decrease time in active labor and speed recovery.

These classes will increase your pre and post-natal awareness as well as teach you how to modify your movements in a safe and supportive environment.

There will be time built in each class for bonding with other moms-to-be and moms as well as education about exercising and nutrition through pregnancy.

Sundays 11:30am – 12:30pm

June 5th – August 7th

Cost: $150

Click here to register: https://www.joinmyhealthclub.com/CompeteJOL/500074/1/77

*Kendra is a Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist through Fit for Birth

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