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Hip & Glute Strengthener

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

KLS Fitness | Hip & Glute Strength Workout

As a reformer pilates instructor and personal trainer, I really feel it if I'm slacking in any one area of my workouts. And 9 times out of 10, I know better.

Today, I am going on day 4 with low back pain. I haven't done anything 'wrong' and I haven't had an 'AH HA, that's what did it' moment.

After I had baby Geo, my back was a hot mess. During labor, my midwife sister flipped me on my side and pretty much 'wrung me out' to get Geo in the right position - I had him within 30 minutes after the 'trauma'. I say trauma because it was! When the resident OB, my nurse and sister told me I'd have to turn, I said..."no, not doing it", it was the second time this had to happen during my 7 ish hours of labor. After they told me he'd come right out...I turned. Two weeks after labor and delivery, I went 2-3x weekly to the chiropractor for adjustments and spine stretching. I do think had I had access to my reformers at work and daycare, I could have done some good on myself, but I did not.

WHY THAT MATTERS, although I am back to my normal weight lifting routine, I am doing A LOT of heavy lifting and only 1 day of pilates. I'm still doing my FIT FOR BIRTH exercises (belly training/core training/supermom training) 1-2x a week but I definitely am not doing my hip work and side lying legs enough. I'm simply getting stronger everywhere else and I've left my stabilizer muscles in the dust. MY CURRENT LOW BACK PAIN is due to my weak hips and buns. They are not WEAK generally, but in comparison to the strength the rest of my body is gaining, they are not proportionally equivalent.

Glute & hip health is so important for EVERYTHING. Walking, sitting, standing, stepping sideways, reaching for things on your tip toes, etc. Everything we do requires strength in our buns and hips. Strong buns and hips lead to strong low backs.

Now, while I've tied this post back to pregnancy and post-natal fitness, this routine is not simply for those in my shoes. My husband worked this routine into his MotoX training to help him on his bike - and he loved it! He did it for about three weeks and what he previously thought was IT BAND pain, was really just deactivated glutes & hips.

My point - IF you are hurting from your low back down (including knees, arches/plantar fasciitis)- try this! Work this in 2-3x a week to see results in 2 weeks.

*In addition - The Columbus Dispatch just featured an article on "Dormant Butt Syndrome" -read more and see how even more important it is to keep your glutes functioning HERE.

Happy hips and glutes! And thanks to Sharon for being my lovely demo model!

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