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Fit For Birth - The Method - Pre and Postnatal Fitness

The next few weeks KLS Fitness is very busy! We have several ladies competing in figure and bikini competitions, website updates, and our first ever Fit for Birth - 10 Week Strength Series starting at Arena District Athletic Club. If you haven't heard or read about the class, you can see my blog post here.

Here is a snippet video along with some additional facts about the tested method.

BENEFITS OF FOLLOWING THE FIT FOR BIRTH PROGRAM INCLUDE: • Pre & post natal specialized exercise guidance • Focus on posture and alignment • Focus on correct muscle activations • Pre and Postnatal core strengthening • Smaller, more manageable belly • Setting a neuro-muscular foundation that will minimize aches and pains over the course of your life, from motherhood to grandmotherhood

BENEFITS OF EXERCISING DURING PREGNANCY INCLUDE: • Fewer aches and pains of pregnancy • Minimizing weight gain • Faster recovery after delivery • Less risk of C-section • Less need for pain relieving medications during labor • Shorter labor and delivery • Less likelihood of medications for induction • Decreased risk of all common pregnancy interventions

BENEFITS FOR YOUR UNBORN CHILD INCLUDE: • Increased health • Increased intelligence • Less risk of interventions during gestation • Lifelong reduction in risk of chronic disease

My goal for the next year is to work with FIFTY (50) pre or postnatal clients in Columbus, Ohio. So far, I have 7! I hope with this class and some additional personal training I can get there faster than 11 months! I'll count ladies that attend standard group fitness classes so long as I have the opportunity use specialty pre/post natal modifications!

If you are pregnant, just delivered or know anyone that may be interested, please spread the word! Using the FFB method and functional training, I was able to rehab my own diastasis, resumed lifting at 6 weeks postpartum (and OB clearance) and pre pregnancy weight by 12 weeks. #thatsawesome #canigetafitmomplease

Thanks for visiting, reading along and check back for parts 2 & 3 of this video shoot! http://www.kendraleighstiffler.com Kendra is a Pre & Post Natal corrective exercise specialist through Fit for Birth.

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