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Prenatal Fitness Resistance Routine

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

If you are pregnant and reading this blog, congratulations! Congratulations on putting your health AND the health of your baby FIRST.

Working out through pregnancy has so many benefits! To name a few:

BENEFITS OF EXERCISING DURING PREGNANCY INCLUDE: • Fewer aches and pains of pregnancy • Minimizing weight gain • Faster recovery after delivery • Less risk of C-section • Less need for pain relieving medications during labor • Shorter labor and delivery • Less likelihood of medications for induction • Decreased risk of all common pregnancy interventions

BENEFITS FOR YOUR UNBORN CHILD INCLUDE: • Increased health • Increased intelligence • Less risk of interventions during gestation • Lifelong reduction in risk of chronic disease

During the 40 weeks of gestation, a woman’s pregnant body will constantly change. Research has shown that exercise is a foundational necessity for human health. A daily practice of moving will nearly always benefit mother and fetus. While the pregnant body is under varying levels of discomfort, exercise can lessen the following discomforts to help mom-to-be during pregnancy. Knowing what to expect can also prepare the mind so that safety, patience and modifications during exercise and daily living remains a priority.

The focus in my workouts is corrective exercise science and ensuring regular use of functional exercise to maintain postural awareness, structural alignment and correct brain-muscle selection patterns. Pregnancy can unveil current imbalances as well as create new ones. I will help you strengthen your major muscle groups, diaphragm, and include exercise to enhance pelvic awareness. All will help with decreasing pre and postnatal discomforts, labor and delivery, and postnatal healing.

I tested the method first hand during and post pregnancy and can't say enough about it! For more on the FFB method, see my blog post HERE.

I hope you enjoy this workout! Come back for more!


  • WARM UP - 5-15 MINUTES

  • Incline Alternating 1 Arm chest press -4 sets of 12 -15 repetitions

  • Superset - 3 sets:

  • TRX Triceps Extension (modify with dumbbell overhead extension if no TRX)

  • Rope Swings - 30,40,50 swings (modify with step ups 30,45, 60 seconds if no rope)

  • Superset - 3 sets:

  • Incline Push-Ups - 12 - 15 repetitions

  • Elbow Plank on Stability ball - 15-30 seconds

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