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Bulk Freezer Storage | Avocado & Zucchini

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

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I am a HUGE sucker for a sale. I blame this on my mother. My mom HATES grocery shopping. When my sisters and I were younger, mom would give us a blank check for IGA to to get the family groceries. You'd think a blank check wouldn't make me penny pinch, but I suppose I still did. Or it could have been my college days often overdrawing my bank account simply teaching me a lesson. My dad used to joke that I thought my credit card was magic - sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I guess after all my fears of a DECLINE I just learned to lay low and watch my spending. It wasn't necessarily that I was financially irresponsible, I am just REALLY REALLY bad with math and numbers in general. I'm scorned from my junior year in high school math class...ugh. We all have one of those teachers, right?!

Something has happened over the years, however. Instead of simply partaking in a sale and getting what I need, I over indulge and get enough freaking avocado to feed my neighborhood. The myriad of awesome recipes out there for avocado is overwhelming! You can make chocolate pies, frosting, yummy salads or even put them in smoothies. Even so, if you buy an entire bag full and you can not eat them in bulk, they're going to rot on the counter.

This brought me to an extreme pinterest search. I needed to find the best way to freeze avocados. Unsatisfied, I just figured it out on my own.

It was so easy I almost thought it wouldn't work, but it did!

You need:

  • Avocados and/or Zucchini

  • Snack and/or Sandwich baggies

  • Gallon Freezer bag

  • Straw

Here are the simple steps for Avocado:

  1. Cut avocado into desired slices

  • I did 1/2s and 1/4s to have options

  • I left the seed wherever it ended up

  1. Bag them into desired portions

  • They wont keep in the fridge for more than 1 day after thawed; I bagged mine in single servings (1/2s and 1/4s)

  1. Seal the baggie almost to the edge

  2. Take a straw and suck out the air

  3. Slowly remove straw and seal baggie

  4. TA-DA!

' Here are the simple steps for Zucchini:

  1. Grate, slice or spiralize your zucchini

  2. Bag in 2.5 cup portions (most pastas & breads call for that amount)

  3. Follow steps 2-6 above

When taking avocado out of the freezer you can either let it thaw OR microwave it for 1 minute. I've noticed thawing in the fridge has turned it brown faster than when microwaved. I think my microwave is on a high power setting, but either way , try 45 seconds first. That way you wont overdo it; you can always heat it again. This allows the avocado to keep its bright green color and keeps it cool on the inside without browning on the outside!

When taking zucchini out of the freezer make sure to place it on a plate or bowl. The water will accumulate in the bag or all over your fridge, take my advice. Because of this, the quantity looks smaller than when placed in the bag originally. That's why I said 2.5 cups rather than just 2 for storage. I have made lasagna and zucchini banana bread post freeze and it did not interfere with the taste.

I've also seen several posts using lemon/lime juice or boiling zucchini and salting it pre-freeze. I didn't do any of that and they still came out fresh!

They weren't that hard to cut! This picture makes them look mushy - but they were not that bad. Just take a giant spoon and spoon them out of the shell.

Insert the straw and then seal the baggie to the straw. Suck out as much air as possible.

Place them in a freezer gallon bag and label it with the date. You want to use it within 3 months.

Repeat the straw step, sucking out the air from the gallon bags.

Ta-DA! This was the smartest thing I've ever done in the kitchen. : P I absolutely love zucchini bread, zucchini lasagna, baked avocados, etc. This is genius!

Lastly, I HAVE done this with guacamole, too. Just make the quac and put it in mini tupperware. I froze 8 at a time last round and every time I ate it, it tasted as fresh as when I put them in! See my guacamole recipe HERE. If you plan to freeze it, leave out the tomatoes and jalapenos.

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