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4th of July W.O.D.

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

With a 4 day weekend, hubs and I were pumped to spend time with baby Geo at the pool. Then we looked at the forecast. UGH! After spending the majority of Friday, Saturday and Sunday inside, we were feeling pretty 'lazy'. Our dishwasher is broken, for the 4th time in thirty days, and we dined out more than usual to avoid a kitchen mess. I say that with the exception of two cinnamon roll attempts. I tried this recipe and am convinced I suck at life or I just need to buy new yeast. Hopefully its just the latter.

Anyways. This morning I was craving some barbell (after the consecutive cinnamon roll fails). I asked hubby if he was in and we went for it.

This was fun! We set out to do 4 sets but it progressed quicker than we thought and we added a 5th set. The warm up was a good addition; we made sure our hips, shoulders and wrists were prepped for the compound exercises. Don't skip it.

I hope you have fun, too, with this one!

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