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Dining Out - Avoid Sabotage!

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

I did this video for my last role as fitness manager at the Athletic Club of Columbus, downtown. Our challenge there was similar - lose 5% body weight in 12 weeks. Here, our goal is lose in 6 weeks! In half the time, you all have rocked our worlds!!!!! As coaches, we are already so proud of the results losing almost 400 lbs in the first THREE WEEKS. THAT. IS. AMAZING. The dedication Orangetheory Fitness creates and you all bring to the table is astounding. And for that, we love you and we love OTF! Whether you are in the WLC or one of my 12WTU clients, this video will help you make smart decisions!

For my hubby and I, we will literally choose ONE dining out 'event' weekly. We structure it around the ability to stay on track rather than to 'cheat' on our 'plans'. I say 'cheat' because you can't cheat on a lifestyle and 'plans' because we aren't on 'diets'. Lately, I've been really focusing on changing terminology in this area. If we replace positivity with the negative connotations, making great choices doesn't seem restrictive! And when we do decide to partake or indulge in a free meal, we don't feel guilty. Anyways, I hope the tips in this video help you!

To summarize, when choosing where to dine out:

  • Plan Ahead,

  • Balance,

  • Substitute and

  • Take it slow!

My go to restaurants are ranked in terms of 'safety'!

1)Ruby Tuesdays. I LOVE the salad bar, but I have to be careful because there are fried croutons, pita chips and flatbread at the end! Also, they typically do not bring the cheddar biscuits unless we ask. Just don't...I usually get the Fresco Chicken and eat half with a side for Georgie (potatoes or fries) and salad bar.

2)Cimi's at Pinnacle Golf Club. Easily distracted by diner rolls. It's the worst when they're hot, #sotasty. Anyways, Mediterranean Steak Salad, #BOOM. I plan for that WITH one dinner roll.

3)Steak and Shake...#mindblown. Their grilled chicken salad is SO GOOD!

4)Flyer's Pizza (or if New Albany, Jets) Cobb Salad. #ohmyyum. This one shocked me! Perfect amount of chicken, egg, cheese, bacon and I use my own balsamic vinegar at home.

What is crazy, is that all of these entrees will cost you over 500 calories, and they are salads. The kicker, imagine if you order something else off the menu?

I'm 100% not saying that you CANN'T go out and indulge once in a while. Balance is key to a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically. For instance, hubby and I rode dirtbikes for 7 hours on Saturday. I ordered us Papa John's for when we got home. I had two pieces and a side salad. I also asked for less sauce and less cheese on my online order. I definitely tried to hide that from hubby, but pretty sure he noticed...lol!

My point is - if you happen to dine out more than once-in-a-while, these are great tips to stay on track. If you intentionally go out for all-you-can-eat pancakes after a marathon, that is different. Enjoy. : p

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