• Kendra

5 Minute Foundational Yoga

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

I originally created this video for a challenge at my last gym, the ACC. I revisited it this week after my sister-in-law noted my niece had a pulled groin. My niece is 12 and is a machine on the soccer field. She was training with a personal trainer for a bit but after a few weeks off, her 'helper' muscles have stopped helping. We will call the inner/supporting muscles the 'helper' muscles. Muscles like your inner core, inner/outer hips, hip flexors, all assist our primary mover muscles. Often times muscular imbalances become apparent during extended season sports for kids. In this case, my nieces' quads are asking for help! This quick routine will work balance along with the necessary supporting muscles to strengthen her core.

Try it to wake up, go to sleep or to mix up your mid day routine!


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