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D.TOX with Life Time

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

For two weeks I walked past a booth in our lobby featuring the Life Time D.TOX program. One day, instead of walking past, I stopped and picked up the box. For months I've been personally struggling with staying committed to my own nutrition and fitness program for general life reasons (mom, moving, holiday, new job, etc...). I thought - why not try this to have a fresh start with my body? After looking more into the program and learning aobut it through my training, I was shocked. Shocked with the level of support, guidance and completeness with the program guide, recipes and menus. I decided to begin my D.TOX!

I had planned to begin this past Monday, but I accidentally let my Hello Fresh order run! Oops. Turns out it was O.K. I hadn't realized the level of prep for the D.TOX, anyways. So. After printing roughly 200 color pages at Life Time, I feel completely equipped to handle the next 3 weeks with ease and and excited to see these results! While the sole goal of this is not weight loss, it does decrease inflammation, improve sleep, energy and focus, decrease headaches and irritability and, yes, it will most likely result in fat loss.

You'll want to carve out 3 weeks to complete your D.TOX. Yes. I know. Christmas is in 2 weeks. It's O.K. I will likely allow myself a comfort meal, but I'm in a good place to stick to this, regardless of holiday/social gatherings (tackled on page 93 of the D.TOX Program Guide).

Three week breakdown:

  1. Prep (5-7 days pre-detox)

  2. DETOX (Days 1-14)

  3. Restore (day 15 and beyond)

The Program Guide includes 63 pages of recipes, a grocery list and menu for week one and week two.

Before embarking on your D.TOX journey, be sure to either contact me and/or read the below blog. This is a legit product! I'm so excited to complete mine and help guide you through yours!

*Members - I have a sweet binder to share with you as a resource if you'd like to borrow it from the Club!

**Not a member? Shame on you. I have 3-Day passes you can use to stop in, sweat, see me and get signed up! We have a bazillion group fitness classes, a couture Pilates Reformer studio and saunas. lol. saunas. But really, get in here.

Order yours now! Don't forget to use code '213420' for your discount. You'll get 10% off the $149.99 price!

Check out this blog to see the six reasons why you should D.TOX!

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