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Reformer Pilates at Life Time Upper Arlington

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Do you ever catch yourself saying, 'my balance is off' or my 'core needs work'? Do you have hips, joints, shoulders, etc., that have a hard time on conventional weight lifting machines or dumbbells and/or group fitness classes? On the flip side, are you bored with the abs machine and planking? Well, you probably know what I'm about to say...I HAVE THE ANSWER FOR YOU! : )

Years ago, when I took my first reformer class, honestly, I wanted to dig out my eyes for the first five minutes. I couldn't understand how such a slow paced workout with light weight could do anything for me. Boy was I wrong. My fitness background is in weight lifting, HIIT, a variety of group fitness and Lagree (Butcher Shop/German Village/New Albany). Generally speaking, fast paced heavy resistance exercise. I'd say my Pilates experience began right around the time I fell in love with Yoga. Speaking of, If you don't go to Lara Falberg's classes, you should. Anyways, Pilates opened my eyes to a completely different form of exercise with an emphasis on spine health, alignment, core awareness and focus. While my intent is still to make you sweat, I have a fitness/fast paced approach to Pilates. I can directly thank my certification for that, too. I am not classically trained, Stott, Merrithew, etc. I received my cert after roughly a year of workshops, practicals, shadowing and being shadowed from The Pilates Studio. Amazing ladies, by-the-way. Anyways. I learned that incorporating the Contrology method by Joe Pilates and fitness, we can achieve a happy medium of sweat and alignment work.

So, why here? Why UA? #amazeballs. This studio is GORGEOUS! I firmly believe it is a hidden gem of Henderson Road! We have seven beds, including a cadilliac, towers, two barrels, three chairs and a pedi pole. WHAAAAAAAAT. Yup. True statement.

Anyways - Christmas is coming and you love your loved ones and you can show them by getting them the best gift, ever. I have great options for either newbies or advanced!

  • 4 Group classes - $100 (must have taken Reformer before)

  • ​If you've never done it, the Intro lesson is $60

  • 3 Private sessions - 1 30 minute and two 1 hour sessions - $148

  • 8 Private sessions - 1 30 minute and seven 1 hour sessions - $458

I even have cute gift certificates for you!

Well. I'll stop chatting up the method and just show you some cool stuff. Reformer Pilates has SO many pieces and parts. Here are a few of my favorite exercises on the equipment. Sorry about the background noise.

Please feel free to call, email or text me to get scheduled or purchase a gift certificate! 330-581-4947 or Kpugh@lt.life

Merry early Christmas!

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