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At Home - Get Moving Workout

Depending on your current level of conditioning, this may be the 2nd most boring workout of your life, or it could be just what you need. This routine is perfect for that pre-natal time frame where getting out of the house is just NOT happening, or same applies for post natal! It's also great post recovery/rehab (of course, with physicians clearance) or anyone simply trying to get off the couch and MOVE. For me, this was my warm up for my workout last week! I did two rounds to get my heart rate moving and it was perfect.

In the event it is NOT what you need, skip to the end and hit up my HIIT video! Either way, whichever video you choose, get in a short 5-10 minute warm up on a cardio machine or a quick walk outside!

As much as I'm upset with Roi for not taking me to Greece with her, I'm thankful for the prompt to make this video. : D Thanks, Roi!

If you'd like to do this but don't want to hear my voice, here is the routine:

Downward Dog x 3 Cat-cow x 3 Push-ups - 12-15 Squats - 15 - 20 Lunges - 10-12/side Tricep Dips - 12 - 15 Crunches - 20 Plank - 3- 60 seconds

Repeat up to 3 rounds

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