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Client of the Month | Suzanne

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

At Life Time, we have a 60 Day challenge. The challenge provides weekly accountability with a trainer led workout, InBody check-ins, 8-week nutrition plan and 8-week strength training program. Each client takes before and after pictures and sets their own goal based on the timeframe and willingness to change. I have worked with Suzanne in the past, but after taking medical leave from pilates, I didn't see her for several months. With the start of the 60 Day challenge, I hoped this could be the thing to get her back on track.

I can say, without-a-doubt, that Sue's potential and results are not over. Check out the video to see her success!

Here is her submission story to Life Time 60 Day:

I am a 73-year old woman who had almost become a recluse. Just walking during the last couple of years had become so difficult that I preferred to sit at home, not enjoying most of my previous activities.

I joined Lifetime Fitness 5 years ago after being inspired by a co-worker to get healthier. Of course, life happens…and it all seemed to happen to me at once. Just a few months after retiring at the age of 70, I was told I needed to go through heart surgery to replace a faulty valve. During the last minute of heart surgery, I almost lost my life but was saved by the placement of an emergency pacemaker. This eventually was replaced by a permanent one…something I had never expected to happen. After many months of recovery and physical therapy, I eventually recovered only to be told that I needed total knee replacement surgery, which took place last year. I had been part of the Lifetime Fitness family for a while, stopping in after work, and enjoying some easy exercising, just trying to stay in reasonably good shape. However, after the surgeries and lengthy sedentary recoveries, I felt defeated and was afraid of trying again. Kendra reached out to me at just the right moment when I was saying to myself that I had to do something about my lack of motivation and my dismal physical state.

I honestly didn't know what the 60-day challenge was all about, but I was willing to find out. Kendra cheered me on and created an individualized food plan to help me get started and an exercise plan that fit my physical ability. She encouraged me every step of the way and never let any small set back become discouraging. I am enjoying a new way of eating. Hey, it’s not a diet! In fact, it’s a delicious way to eat, and I’ve discovered some wonderful new recipes that I am sharing with my family. Even my picky grandson enjoys some of them. I love the fact that I can step up my exercises as I increase my strength and ability. Sixty days later, I am so glad I took the challenge! I have found new strength and motivation and am enjoying getting out in the world. I have lost weight, gained confidence, and walking has become more comfortable each week. I am a mother and grandmother, and even have a new granddaughter on the way. I am so grateful that I will be able to enjoy this new little life and share life with all four of my grown children, my grandchildren, and my friends. I am taking my life back...and I am loving it every day!

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