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AeroPilates Reformer | Workout #2

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I mentioned before, my at home Reformer saved me from the depths of COVID isolation (and pregnancy exercise limitations)!

If you haven't seen my first blog about the Aero machines, go here to catch up: https://www.kendraleighstiffler.com/post/aeropilates-reformer-15-minute-workout

Today's workout was short and sweet; done in 30 minutes and enough to get a light sweat. At 39 weeks pregnant, it isn't super comfortable to be on my back, but in short intervals, it was O.K. I do love the hip work and tricep exercises in this one; arguably, they are my two favorite series on the reformer, too! The jump board is ALWAYS fun! Again, the lying on my back thing kept me upright, but definitely still fun to jump. Adding in the upper body weights also puts tension on those abs and back stabilizer muscles (hiding a 7lb bably or not)!

Crazy enough - after this video baby Bradley came in less than 48 hours. : ) I'll be taking a few weeks off the machine but stay tuned for some more videos and post partum workouts!

Exercises Included: Footwork, tendon stretch, hip bridges, side lying leg series, draw the sword variation, triceps, seated jump & arms.

**If you are pregnant, please clear exercise with your provider and avoid thoracic flexion (crunching) and lying on your back if it gives you discomfort. If this applies to you, PLEASE reach out and I can give you some tips!**

Kendra L. Carter is a certified Pilates Reformer Teacher (The Pilates Studio) a Pre and Post natal Corrective Exercise Specialist (PPCES - Fit for Birth), a 200 RYT (LifePower Yoga), Sports Nutritionist (ISSA) and Certified Personal Trainer (ACE). Kendra is also a WNBF Pro Figure and amateur NPC Fitness competitor.

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