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AeroPilates Reformer - 15 minute Workout

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

For the self motivated individual - having this Reformer is a huge benefit to working out at home. I made the decision right at the beginning of COVID to invest mainly because I didn't think I'd make it through pregnancy without a reformer! I'm so glad I did because the low impact, controlled modality is EXACTLY what got me through the last 6 months AND kept me strong!

This is the machine I ended up getting: https://staminaproducts.com/product/aeropilates-premier-studio-700/

I was trained on Allegros and I still think if I ever get my own studio, I'll get those! I have Peak Pilates machines at work and I am super familiar with those now. When it comes to the Aero, you really can't compare; different beasts! The aero obviously functions the same but little things make it different. 1) the length of the bed is a little to long for my body. I'm shy of 5'2" and it is slightly limiting on leg work, meaning, I don't get the full range of motion because my hips/knees don't meet parallel. However, my 5'11" husband does great on this machine and one of the reasons I picked it. He has a bad back and this was something I definitely wanted both of us to use! 2) The straps/ropes are a little 'less than'. While they certainly get the job done, they brush under the carriage slightly and the material isn't as hardy as the studio machines. 3) The hand straps are not interchangeable. I'm use to the double loop strap for arms and legs. These have one strap and it is not ideal to change in a workout. Now, with all that being said, I still love it! Just notable differences to prepare if you do get a machine and are accustomed to studio reformers. This was also less than half the price of a studio machine, so, there's that!

This gal gives a great explanation of the different machines! While my videos will use the 700, this is great for your own research when selecting a machine. https://youtu.be/fmONEUhMw9A

This is a quick workout to get your body moving. At 38 weeks pregnant it was perfect to sweat, coupled with a 15 minute walk on the treadmill. Trust me - If I can will myself in my Diet Pepsi sweater and 38 weeks pregnant to do this, YOU CAN TOO!

Exercises Included: Footwork, tendon stretch, hip bridges, arms in straps, hundred (pregnancy be mindful of diastasis and avoid if past 1st trimester) & standing leg series.

**If you are pregnant, please clear exercise with your provider and avoid thoracic flexion (crunching) and lying on your back if it gives you discomfort. If this applies to you, PLEASE reach out and I can give you some tips!**

Kendra L. Carter is a certified Pilates Reformer Teacher (The Pilates Studio) a Pre and Post natal Corrective Exercise Specialist (PPCES - Fit for Birth), a 200 RYT (LifePower Yoga), Sports Nutritionist (ISSA) and Certified Personal Trainer (ACE). Kendra is also a WNBF Pro Figure and amateur NPC Fitness competitor.

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