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At Home Quick TRX Basics (with links for intermediate exercises)

Join Sharon and I to work through the basics of TRX! For anyone who grabbed a TRX off amazon in the last 2 weeks, this video is for you. I stole this from my YouTube archives to help us through COVID-19.

Anyways, I love the TRX For so many reasons. In many respects, it is the most versatile training equipment out there. In the video, I was 4 months pregnant and the TRX really helped me feel safe to do exercises that may have been too hard without it; jump lunges, single leg dead lifts, full jump squats, etc. I love the way we can intensify exercises (feet closer to the anchor) and modify when needed (for instance 1 foot kickstand on biceps curls mentioned). When you outgrow this workout, just search TRX intermediate on youtube and I'm certain you will find a ton to keep you busy!

Squats x 10

Back Row x 10

Biceps Curl x 10

Side Skaters x 1 minute

I will NOT see you "next Friday at 12:15 at ACC" but I miss you, Sharon and ACC!

Also, as with any of my workouts, add some intensity. Speed this up and add a few exercises from below or a full workout or slow it down for a warm up.

My favorite way to do TRX is with an app called 'interval timer'. You can set it for 45 second intervals with 15 seconds rest. That time is enough to get your heart rate up and enough to switch to the next position! If you want more ideas - message me!

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