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Balance Yoga + HIIT

Whew! I do love a great workout. I also remember in my beginning stages of working out, wondering, did my trainer/coach REALLY do this workout first? My cheer coach in college would have us run the bleachers at the Arena (go UD), multiple rounds sometimes...that is A LOT of stairs! In that case, Coach was super fit and amazing and probably ran them with us. BUT, nowadays, trainer says do 50 burpees and some will just do them and others will start and finish, but question the entire time...did coach REALLY do this first? Anyways, moral to the story is at 6 weeks pregnant, I set out to film this workout. I had it all planned and thought it sounded super fun. With notes and GoPro in hand, I left for the gym. Nausea had just started to kick in. Long story short this routine was killer. I 100% underestimated the 50 burpees, pushups and mt.climbers between rounds of my flow! After the first round, I knew I was going to struggle. While it was a hard mind-over-matter workout, I did it and so can you! When you do this workout, remember that you can always hit pause to catch your breath! Certainly, if you are in your 1st trimester, be friends with pause! It is OK, pregnant or not, to pause and recover. AND if you do know me, are my client or a LifeTime training client, you know that metabolic conditioning is all about your bodies ability to recover. If your heart rate stays TOO HIGH and you don't recover, your metabolism goes straight to carb burn and doesn't come back down. This is problematic for the over-exerciser. Our bodies store fat. We don't store carbs. If we have a deep-dish pizza and breadsticks for dinner, we don't have extra carbs tomorrow to burn. Whatever we DIDN'T burn after dinner went to fat storage. We have carbs available for use in two places - blood glucose and muscle glycogen. If our heart rate is above our anaerobic threshold (read this blog for more on Metabolic testing) we default to carb burn, using all the glucose in our bloodstream. When glucose runs out, and exercise doesn't slow down, the body then relies on muscle glycogen. And, it's not just hanging out there to help us, we have to break down the muscle to use the glycogen for energy. At this point, the chronic over-exerciser is no longer making progress, but taking steps backward. Muscle is responsible for keeping our metabolism functioning optimally! If we lose muscle, we slow our metabolism. In this workout, the right and left leg rounds are enough to get your heart rate into recovery before the next interval. IF you are not recovering, chill! Hit that pause button and take a breather. AT ANY RATE, my point is, REST when you need it and PUSH when you can. If you come up with any questions about anaerobic threshold, let me know and be sure to check out my blog linked above.

*A note for pregnant ladies - I filmed this at 6 weeks. I am now 8 weeks and just now posting. I've been nauseous, sick and exhausted since. I've worked out 4 times in 2 weeks. I am OK with that! I know it is just a phase and giving myself and my body some grace to take over and do what it needs to do for this lil' baba. I'm certain I'll revisit this workout in 2nd trimester and kick its butt. *Always consult your provider before adding new exercise while pregnant.

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