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Immunity Boosting Yoga

Let the sound of waves and your breath move you through this workout. We will start slow with meditation, hit a few Sun As & Bs and progress to a flow. Don't hit pause because we have 5 minutes of abs and stretching at the end on the beach!

If you are in Ohio right now, you are probably feeling the Day 3

Quarantine blues. The "OMG my gym is closed", "holy crap is this happening", "what am I going to do with x kids in the house for 2 weeks", etc.! I can without a doubt tell you that we will get through this and YOU WILL SURVIVE! I am excited for this time. Excited to disconnect and spend time with my hubby and my son. I am leveraging having more time on my social media during the day as 'work' and putting it AWAY for family time in the evenings. I'm finding a small project or two each day to work through and fun activities with 4 yr old Georgie.

On top of exercising daily, simply make a list! I personally don't do well without structure. I'm still setting my alarm for 6 AM, still meeting with clients for simple check ins, still working out and definitely crossing those things off my list!

On Monday, I had a mini melt down in the driveway. I literally started crying just from all the craziness in the world. Aside from pulling my shit together, simultaneously, my 4 yr old pulled his pants down and peed on a dead mole in the front yard. Ironically, my husband pulled in the driveway at the same time. And there I was, tears in my eyes, and there Georgie was, pee-pee out in the yard, and there we all were. Which is the point! Enjoy your time together.

The quote at the end of this workout really spoke to me. "Nothing ahead of you is bigger or stronger than the power of God behind you." AMEN, right?! I felt silly after my melt down that some time inside and the chaos had broken me down. I'm trained for this. I'm a mom. I can handle chaos. I'm a Christ follower; this is NOTHING compared to what he went through on the cross. Doesn't mean it is any less stressful. People are out of work, toilet paper and who knows what is happening at home with all the kids inside! Anyways, let's do some yoga and get through this together!

There are a few times where we skip a full vinyasa. Please add it in if you'd like to keep your heart rate a tad higher! Feel free to hop to the top of your mat and REACH UP! You'll catch up in plenty of time.

Have fun and hope you love this.

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