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Irv's Workout

I dug this out of my YouTube Archives to help us through COVID-19.

I hope this can help someone! A few years ago my parents were in an accident and had a ton of damage to lungs, ribs and generally bruised all over. Lucky, and unlucky, for my mom, her damages healed a little faster. Meaning, she had to put up with my dad thereafter. Y'all know how men heal...no offense, guys.

Please, feel free to up the intensity here! Ways to do so:

  • Add dumbbells

  • Add 3 burpees in between each different exercise (meaning squat 5x, 3 burpees, lunge 5x each leg, 3 burpees...etc.,)

  • Set a timer and see how many rounds you can complete

  • Start with 10 of everything and ladder down (Round 2 = 9 of everything, Round 3 = 8 of everything, etc.)

Anyways, this workout is meant to be short, basic and super functional!

Squat - 5

Lunge -5

Push Up - 7, 6, 5 with childs pose in between

Bridge Complex - with single leg marches P

lank - Inch worms - 5

Also, if you get a chance to talk to my pops, ask him how his workout routine is going.

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