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Protein Buckeyes & Maternity Leave

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

It seems like every time I get 'free time' I end up baking or making some type of dessert. My maternity leave has lined up with the season of holiday treats and I fell right into the trap. While I am certainly enjoying my time with Bradley, I suppose I wouldn't call it 'free time'; which is HILARIOUS because I legit told everyone how much I was planning to do on maternity. I laughed today because I roamed the same 200 sq. ft. ALL DAY LONG. Literally, to the kitchen, to the table and to the living room. B is cluster feeding and he is the gassiest human I've ever met. For about two hours he tooted every five-to-ten minutes. Of course, he isn't just tooting, he is miserable for each five-to-ten second toot; it's the saddest, cutest thing ever. I started writing this recipe around 9 AM and here we are, at 6:30 PM, actually typing it. I feel like that is how my maternity has gone so far. The first two days home by myself with B, I made lists. As I saw the clock tick and the lists stand idle, I gently beat myself up. Day three and on I ditched the lists and while I have felt better since, it is amazing how much time newborns require. I'm not a first time mom so you'd think I'd remember this time. NOPE. My chest is sore, my cramps are still happening and my eyes are droopy. I guess I am still winning because my hair is clean and I changed my outfit this morning!

Anyways, this is truly a magical time (mostly because my days are blurry and I'm half awake) and I'm loving every second with both my babies. Georgie is the best big brother and while he is demanding a little extra attention and sugar seems to hit harder, we're all doing great! Dad still dry heaves with poo diapers. His best dad skill to date is naps.

At three weeks post partum, going into week four, I'm to the point where I probably should stop eating everything in sight and focus on some reasonable calorie intake. As such, hubby and I decided to start watching what we eat. So, I asked him to pick me up peanut butter and dark chocolate so I could make dessert.

I loved these! It was super simple and the only thing that took any time was freezing the balls to make them easier to roll.


  • ~2 1/3 Cups Natural Peanut Butter

  • 1-2 scoops protein powder (I used Bowmar Nutrition Blueberry Cheesecake)

  • 1 - 2 Tbsp Almond Milk

  • Add up to 2 Tbsp honey for taste

  • 1.5 bags Dark Chocolate chips or dipping chocolate


  • Using hand mixer or kitchen aid, mix peanut butter, protein powder and almond milk and place in refrigerator.

  • Set up double boiler or a bowl and pot (https://www.bonappetit.com/story/double-boiler) and start the heat on low with chocolate.

  • Using two spoons, scoop peanut butter passing from spoon to spoon to form messy balls and place on parchment paper or silicone mat on a baking sheet.

  • Place baking sheet in freezer for 5-10 minutes.

  • Don't forget about your chocolate, check it often and stir. Remove from heat if it is completely melted.

  • Remove the baking sheet from the freezer and begin rolling the balls to form smooth circles. Work in small batches to avoid the peanut butter from softening.

  • Using a tooth pick or kebab stick, dip each ball in chocolate and return to baking sheet.

  • At this point I worked with two baking sheets to keep the undipped buckeyes from thawing. I placed the dipped pan in the fridge until they were all complete.

  • Finish dipping buckeyes and freeze over night.

Makes ~50 buckeyes

120 calories

Macros: 9F, 7C, 4P

I liked using the Kitchen Aid! It made it so easy to mix. For my double boiler, I put a tempered glass bowl on top of a pot. If you do this make sure your glass is oven safe! I liked this because even after I took the pot off the heat, the water stayed warm and kept the chocolate easy to work with.

I hope you like these! You cannot tell they aren't packed with powdered sugar!


Please Note: Nutritional information estimated at myfitnesspal.com. Data may not be accurate and is subject to the availability of specific foods in their database. Where one ingredient is not listed, substitutions must be used. Therefore, you should not refer to this data as being exact. It’s more of a ballpark figure. Kendraleighstiffler.com does not take responsibility for the inadequacies of the nutrition calculator used. This data is provided as a courtesy and general reference only. It is not exact.

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