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Reformer Move of the Week #4 | Lunge/Core Series

Well, let's just be honest, this hasn't been a "move" of the week at all! I suppose I should have named it 'flow of the week' or something. I really appreciate social media and all the ideas out there for reformer and hope that these ideas spike even more creativity.

Today's combo is always a favorite; especially for Ashly, who had NEVER done reformer until this day. We use the reformer with the platform plate for standing legs (side/skater lunges, front lunges, squats and adduction) and knee tuck abs.

If you have a reformer at home or access to a studio - grab your sticky mat and play along!

I mention in the video we use 1 blue spring. Ashly was deathly afraid of heights and it was her preference. Standard for this series is 1 yellow; on the legs portion this is heavier for legs. Feel free to drop to 1 blue for abs; this is lighter, making it more challenging.

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