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Strength & EMOM @ Home Workout

I absolutely love how quick this workout is! Lucky for me, I was able to do the entire thing, twice, as my camera wasn't on for the first shot. Regardless, walking is interesting today and my triceps are super sensitive. I am certain, with even one of these full workouts, I'd still be feeling it.

As the weather allows, challenge yourself to a 1-2 mile slow jog before this. It is an awesome cardio warm up! Keep it slow and to a jog though! We cover all the necessary heart rate spikes in this workout.

The workout includes:

  • Core Activation

  • Dynamic lower body warm up

  • Weighted lunges

  • Bicep curl to shoulder press

  • Deep squat

  • Tricep extensions

  • 5 rounds of EMOM

  • Core set - 2 exercises

  • Stretching

I do look forward to repeating this workout and exchanging some of the lower/upper moves! In the video I cover the app I use for the EMOM. Download it and the opportunities are endless. : )

I also survive with this supplement from Life Time. Here is the link: https://shop.lifetime.life/ucan-hydrate-30-serving-tub

My code to receive a discount is 213420. Orders will have shipping applied if under $100. My advice is to grab a protein powder, the hydrate and another supplement that you need (Vitamin D, K, Fish oil, etc.) to take advantage of that free shipping. Always here if you have any questions or need recommendations!

Leave me a comment if you do this workout!

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