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Surviving the Holidays with KLS Fitness

Not only are holidays USUALLY tough on the body, this year they will prove to be the most challenging with COVID operations in play as well. Plates of cookies, muffins, candies and dinners showing up on doorsteps will be more common than ever making temptations rise. I hope you take these tips and use them to prioritize and balance over the next several weeks.

I do have coaching client spots available! Rates are from $20 from a single coaching call to $120 a month for sample plans with options and full on daily check ins. Please don't let pricing stop you from inquiring! Head over to my Free Consult page and I'll be in touch!

Please Note: Kendra L. Carter is a certified Sports Nutrition Coach through ISSA under the guidance of a registered dietitian. Nutritional information, if provided, is estimated at myfitnesspal.com. Data may not be accurate and is subject to the availability of specific foods in their database. Therefore, you should not refer to this data as being exact. It’s more of a ballpark figure. Kendraleighstiffler.com does not take responsibility for the inadequacies of the nutrition calculator used. This data is provided as a courtesy and general reference only. It is not exact. Please consult with your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program.

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