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Workout Wednesday | #2

Woot Woot! Who else is excited for week 2 "Metabolic Mini". These are short workouts to get your heart rate up, gain strength and keep the COVID quarantine lbs away! As we all work through the craziness of 2020, I hope these at home minis can keep you engaged and ready for more. I'll keep them 30-45 minutes and limited equipment necessary.

This week we need a light set of dumbbells, 3-10 lbs, and a medium set of dumbbells, 10-20 lbs. We stick to 12 repetitions for each movement, heavier weights and a focus on arms (with some legs & core).

This week at 22 weeks pregnant, I struggled with some Round Ligament Pain. It truly felt like he has been tugging my ligament with his hand. Finally, today after a swim and nap, I felt him shift and have been moving freely since! Beginning Monday, I couldn't even bend over in yoga! Yesterday, I could barley eat and sitting and standing was uncomfortable. I applied 2 strips of KT tape today mid day I did feel some relief before he moved. I did use the tape frequently with my first pregnancy and loved it. I'm sure pretty soon I'll be taped up for my diastases, too.

Leave me a comment after you finish week 2!

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