You describe what foods you like, and Kendra teaches you portions, timing of meals, and the importance of macronutrients. Nutrition accounts for 80% of our results when it comes to exercise vs. what we eat. Macronutrients, not just how MUCH we eat, play a huge role in weight loss.


This approach gives you the tools to learn about the food you eat, how to keep it clean and how to make it work for your body. This plan comes with a one day sample menu and weekly macronutrient goals. You are in control of what you eat, so long as it falls withing the macros (AKA IIFYM).


Each program starts with a facetime call with Kendra to discuss goals and questions you may have. Thereafter, you will complete a daily tracker to log progress. 


Bundle this package with a MyFitnessPal tutorial to save $15.

Custom Fat Loss Nutrition (ONLINE)

  • Transform the way you eat to increase fat loss with a balanced diet and perfectly portioned meals.

  • Workouts and nutrition plans are emailed directly. Due to the digital nature, we are unable to grant refunds or exchanges on our downloadable and emailed products. 

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