This one-on-one session covers the features of the My Fitness Pal App. Kendra will set up your profile and teach you how to use the tracker to ensure your best results! You will learn the imporatance of micro and macronutrients and what ratio is best for your goals and your body. 


Kendra will guide you in the appropriate progression for fitness training and cover nutrition and meal portioning.


Guidelines are also spelled out for cardio and strength training.


Please be prepared with a 3 day food log. This helps us keep this personalized to you!

My Fitness Pal App Crash Course

  • Work with Kendra to seamlessly integrate My Fitness Pal into your lifestyle to meet your nutrition goals.

  • Workouts and nutrition plans are emailed directly. Due to the digital nature, we are unable to grant refunds or exchanges on our downloadable and emailed products. 

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